Monday, 23 July 2012

Leader: Be Yourself, Better

Last week, on 17th July, I attended an evening event organised by The PR Academy, the organisation where I studied to take the CIPR Internal Communications Certificate. 

The event saw Kevin Murray, Chairman of the Good Relations Group, as the guest speaker. He gave a presentation of his last book "The Language of Leaders" and explained its main concepts. I could not miss the opportunity and I was delighted to be there for the occasion. In fact, the talk was very interesting.

How should leaders communicate? Kevin Murray talked about a 'system' that leaders use to communicate. He derived it after doing a great deal of interviews with many leaders of the private, public, voluntary and not for profit organisations.

After the event my notebook was full of words and sentences such us CONNECT with the audience, TRUST, RELATIONSHIPS, PEOPLE. 

In particular the speaker stressed the importance of INSPIRING. How do you INSPIRE? According to Kevin Murray you can inspire BY BEING YOURSELF, BETTER. BE AUTHENTIC. It is not a problem if you are either an extrovert person or an introvert one but just be authentic, try to be yourself, better

That would let you deliver PASSION and you, as a leader, have to be prepared TO SHOW your passion. That also implies an understanding of communication as "everything you do in order to inspire - not just oratory". Signals are very important too since people are often driven more by what they see rather than what they read or hear.

And if we then linked these concepts with the one of employee engagement Kevin Murray would say: "simply go to your staff and talk to them...get as many CONVERSATIONS as you can...BETTER QUALITY CONVERSATIONS...Listen and be responsive to what you listen to". 

In fact, the author spoke about AUDIENCE-CENTRICITY by saying that leaders should try to understand their staff and what are the drivers to the way they behave. 
These kind of relationships are the engine of success!

Many thanks to Kevin Murray for his studies and for the interesting talk. Many thanks also to The PR Academy for organising the event!