Monday, 2 April 2012

What aspect of leadership means you the most?

Recently I have taken part in a poll posted on Linked In and titled "What aspect of leadership means you the most?".

Participants could choose one of the following four answers:
1. Defining a motivating vision
2. Building great teams
3. Driving financial results
4. Creating innovating strategies.

The poll ended on 1st April 2012 and the results have been given today.

In total there have been 1187 votes and 88 comments.
57% of the votes (676 participants) have been for 'Building great teams', 23% of the votes (268 participants) have been for 'Defining a motivating vision', 14% of the votes (167 participants) have been for 'Creating innovative strategies' and the remaining 6% of votes (76 participants) have been for 'Driving financial results'.

I personally voted for 'Defining a motivating vision'.

Indeed,  when I voted about one month ago, I thought that all of the four options were meaningful to leadership and none of them should be undervalued. 
However, with an eye always kept on employee engagement I saw providing a strong vision and share it with the team, as one of the most important aspect of leadership. The other three aspects, in my opinion, come after having provided the organisation with a vision capable of expressing the purpose of the organisation and how an individual contributes to that purpose. With a motivating vision that involves employees on a strategic and emotional level, leaders can be able to create great and strong teams capable of bringing creativity and innovation within the organisation and finally driving business financial results.