Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Employee Feedback: Breakfast session

This morning I attended an interesting breakfast event on Employee Feedback that was run by Directors Club in association with Verint. It was titled "Employee Feedback: Opening a treasure chest of customer insight".

Below are some notes that I took during the seminar. Interest in meeting the customers' needs by any employees of any business as well as driving professionalism is a matter of culture and employee engagement. A relevant part within the employee engagement agenda is played by the Employee Feedback.

Speaker Gerry Brown (Managing Director EMEA, Strativity) presented his views by saying that feedback must be part of the daily business life (FREQUENTLY APPLIED); it is responsibility of all employees (therefore, it must be EASILY UNDERSTOOD); it must be relevant, tracked and actionable (DO NOT ASK IF YOU CAN'T ACT). 

It is relevant in the speaker's view to have a "clearly defined service driven CULTURE based on CONSENSUAL but yet EVOLVING CORE FAMILY VALUES". The presenter gave some examples of companies that proved to be good in that respect. Among them Zappos, Metro bank, Emirates, Four Seasons, Marks Spencer and Virgin Atlantic.

Gerry Brown ended his presentation by leaving some challenging questions/ideas to managers:
- Take an honest look at the core company values. Do they really drive service result?
- When was your last survey done?
- See how many ideas you have implemented
- Implement an internal/external feedback early warning system
- Do survey on employee survey

The event did not finish with Gerry Brown' talk. In fact, after him another speaker took his turn followed by a knowledge exchange discussion. The topic was challenged, issues arose.. More details will follow soon...Now I give you time to think on what you have just read.

"There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about" (Oscar Wilde).