Friday, 25 January 2013

Making engagement sustainable in the workplace: my article for simply-communicate

Employee engagement is likely to be unsustainable unless it goes hand in hand with employee well-being”

These marginalia are about my article published by simply-communicate today.

The article relates to the CIPD report, 'Managing for sustainable employee engagement. Developing a behavioural framework' that was published in December 2012.

The premise of the CIPD study is that employee engagement can be difficult to sustain in today's working life when change is a constant and the report focuses on understanding how to engage employees but in a sustainable and well-being-focused way.

According to the study, there is the need for managers to focus on ensuring that the real, 'emotional engagement' is created and sustained in their employees and the report presents a framework of five competencies that managers should adopt for enhancing and managing both employee well-being and employee engagement.

The research underpinning the study was conducted by Affinity Health at Work.

Affinity Health at Work's Emma Donaldson-Feilder, has given me lots of valuable information about the findings from the study.

In the article you will read Emma's answers to my questions and her valuable thoughts based on the research. Additionally, you will be given the link to the official CIPD report and guidance leaflet.

I do hope that you will enjoy the article and find it in some way useful and helpful. 

I personally found the research very interesting and its core messages very important. Indeed, I would encourage you to read it!

Finally, I would like to thank simply-communicate for publishing my article, Affinity Health at Work for conducting the research, Emma for her availability and kindness in sharing her thoughts with me and the CIPD for publishing the valuable report.