Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Turning Hierarchy Upside Down – Marginalia for the 'Diary of an internal communicator'

Today's post is about 'The CEO: Chief Engagement Officer. Turning Hierarchy Upside Down', book written by John Smythe in 2007.

I read this book twice while studying on the PG Cert in Internal Communication at The PR Academy last year.

In March 2013, a new book by John Smythe – 'Velvet Revolution at Work' - will be available to the public. While waiting for it to be found in bookshops I thought to dedicate my marginalia to the author's previous work, 'The CEO: Chief Engagement Officer'.

However, today I am very happy to write down my notes for the 'Diary of an internal communicator' – the blog of Rachel Miller, internal communicator and social media strategist, co-founder of the IC Crowd.

My review on John Smythe's book has just been published in Rachel blog. I hope you will enjoy it!

“Positive engagement is marked by creative energy and personal ownership”
(John Smythe)