Friday, 8 February 2013

Small Engagements: e-book

These marginalia are about the 'Small Engagements' e-book written by 50 members of 'The Employee Engagement Network' and produced by David Zinger, global expert on employee engagement.

'The Employee Engagement Network' is made up of over 5600 members passionate about employee engagement. Very happily I am one of those and one of the 50 members that gave their small contribution to the creation of the e-book. While the ideas were collected last month in January, the e-book has just been released.

The idea of the e-book came from David Zinger who, at the very beginning of 2013, asked members of the network to think about either a small idea or action that we would like to focus on to help increase employee engagement in 2013. 

What's Your Small Idea or Action to increase Employee Engagement in 2013?

The concept behind this request was that small things, when implemented and given focused on, can lead to big results. The power of small things. We can all help facilitate employee engagement with committing ourselves and putting our efforts to small ideas and actions.

My idea - that you can find and read among all the others – was focusing on:

SELF-AWARENESS – becoming more aware of ourselves, behaviours, actions and impact on others. Reflecting on and learning to consciously adopting engaging behaviours with our people.

While I have always put all my energy into this - since I believe in its importance - I equally believe we can only continue to improve and learn to be more self-aware throughout all of our different experiences. Therefore, this was my idea given to the network's e-book.

I enjoyed reading all of the other small ideas and actions. While some contributions are practical and can be implemented into day-to-day life, others are more conceptual. Most probably this is why I found the e-book enjoyable to read. However, it was the entire process and exercise of contributing with ideas and actions from all members that was very interesting to follow!

I would encourage you to have a look at it (you can find it on both The Employee Engagement Network website and David Zinger's blog). 

Perhaps, in one of those ideas and actions you could find something that you also would like to focus your attention on this 2013 to help facilitate employee engagement in your workplace.

Small, simple and free - just say thank you”.
(Susan Walker)