Sunday, 14 April 2013

'simply' another wonderful week

“'Simply' another wonderful week at simply-communicate, everything internal communications, employee engagement and internal social media”. This is one of the Tweets that I wrote on Friday evening 12 April, after coming home from the office, with an amasing feeling of fulfillment and joy for the way the whole week was spent at simply-communicate.  

This week has been very important for the simply-communicate team who attended an important event held in Belgium, Brussels: the IABC Eurocomm 2013, the conference which was focused on the important theme of 'Disruptive Communications in disruptive times'. 
How should we communicate internally during periods of change and disruption?...very remarkable topic!
During the conference many important speakers gave important presentations and insight based on their expertise, studies and research on these relevant topics.

Due to the meaningfulness of the conference, simply-communicate run a special edition of the monthly simplyTV show coming live from Eurocomm 2013 in Brussels on Friday 12 April.

Marc Wright and Silvia CambiƩ (who also gave a remarkable talk during the conference on how big-name brands are turning to social media for greater exposure) interviewed some of the special Eurocomm 2013 speakers:

John Smythe - CEO of Engage for Change, discussing on employee engagement as well as his much anticipated book, “Velvet Revolution at Work”;
Aurelie Valtat – Digital Communications Manager at Council of the European Union, on launching a successful digital strategy;
Rav Dhaliwal of Yammer and EuroComm sponsor - talking about enterprise social networks as collaborative and problem solving tools;
Celine Schillinger - Director of Stakeholder Community at Sanofi Pasteur discussing how she helps to engage internal audiences around the Dengue vaccine;
Phil Weiss - EuroComm Chair, talking about this year's conference theme,“Europe in an age of disruption”and how to thrive in this disruptive environment.

During the time when both the Eurocomm 2013 and simplyTV show were taking place in Belgium I was closely following the simply-communicate team from the London office while making sure to keep our community of internal communicators informed via Twitter, Yammer, Linked, Facebook...

If you were interested in knowing more about the Eurocomm 2013 conference, its topics and presentation as well as the discussions that took place during the simplyTV show, I would recommend to watch the recorded version of the simplyTV show which is available at your convenience on the simply-communicate website.

This week has been very important also for the new internal communications content that has been published on the website.

In particular, we have presented the important case study of Gatwick Airport and their adoption of Yammer, the internal social platform that helped the organisation to inform, involve and inspire all their employees during the challenging time of the London 2012 Games. This is a remarkable and fascinating story of how internal social media can really help an organisation to facilitate employee engagement. With a genuine and passionate approach Caroline Thorpe, Head of Internal Communications at Gatwick Airport, describes the adoption of Yammer and what that meant for the organisation: “It was really easy for people to participate on Yammer and for once our frontline staff were the ones telling the news, not waiting to be recipients of news...Having a forum where everyone has a voice meant anyone could share their experiences. That created an incredible sense of community...”

Also, we have published the article relating to the Rising Stars initiative organised by VMA Group with the aim to support and encourage the development of the young generation of internal communicators who have a strong desire to make a difference in this industry. I found this initiative of real importance since gives the young generation the chance of being seen, heard and appreciated for their contributions and efforts. Also, the piece - which features Michelle Morgan, Senior Consultant in Internal Communications at VMA Group - gives advice on the skills, attitude and work ethics that are required today by young internal communicators who want to make a real impact in their workplace: Adaptable, Confident, Courageous, Empathetic/emotionally intelligent, Focused, Positive, Self-aware, Resilient, Robust.

Indeed, it was another very important week and now, while writing this post on a Sunday evening, I cannot help but just looking forward to another 'simply' wonderful week, everything internal communications, employee engagement and internal social media!

Wishing you too, as well as your colleagues and your whole organisation a new week full of fulfillment, purposes and achievements!