Saturday, 4 May 2013


This post is about yesterday's simplyTV, the monthly television programme organised by simply-communicate on internal communications, internal social media and employee engagement topics.

I was very much looking forward to it and ready to seat behind the scenes while looking after the Twitter @simplycomm account and the #simplyTV conversations.

@Simply_Marc and @KellKass brilliantly presented and interviewed a range of speakers on a number of interesting topics. In particular, yesterday's series saw:

  • Nick Terry, Managing Director of Top Banana (@topbanananick);
  • Katy Eyre, Co-Director of Jacaranda (@Jacatweetaranda);
  • Nick Canner, Head of Creative Development at the Edge Picture (@edgepicture)
    They discussed about corporate videos and video production, the changes that the YouTube world has brought to this industry as well as user-generated videos' topics.

  • Sheila Parry, Managing Director of theblueballroom (@Sheila_Parry) presented some of the major learning points relating to the #thefuturestory event that her agency held some days ago. In particular, she discussed about current and future trends in the business world and the way people communicate.

  • Nathalie Nahai, Author of a new book titled 'The Webs of Influence' (@TheWebPsych) talked about the art on on-line persuasion and presented valuable insight for businesses to use.

  • Finally, James Del Gatto, Head of Communication at Sthree (@JamesDel_G) discussed about psychometric tests in recruitment and whether they will determine people finding their next job.

Now, if you are familiar with my blog, you may know that I love writing my marginalia, my note about an event that I attended in order to share my learning experience with you.

However, today I would like to use the power of social collaboration. Rather than writing my personal notes down I will share the Storify from the event.

With this Storify, I collected some of the best tweets that enthusiastic participants created during the #simplyTV conversation.

I think there is a lot to benefit and learn from the network. It is powerful to look at those tweets and see what caught the attention of other people. Multiple views, multiple reflections, multiple notes that capture the best of the!

Indeed, for me (and I believe for anyone who love to think and reflect on communication) it is fascinating to observe how social media are changing the way we spread and consume information.

While looking and living this present form of social communication, I wonder and also look very much forward to seeing how it will develop in the future.

How will we write and inform in one, two or three-year time? What will this phenomenon mean to our organisations? How will internal communications be created? Well, let's stay tuned!