Sunday, 12 May 2013

Connecting HR London Spring Tweet-Up

Last Wednesday, 8th May, I came across a tweet reporting of an event called 'Connecting HR London Spring Tweet-Up', which would have been held on the same evening.

The tweet put me through to the event's details where I could read: “If you've not come across or been to a tweet-up before it's simply a face-to-face meet-up for HR people using or interested in social media (including Twitter)...If you've not come across ConnectingHR, we're a community of these sociable HR people...And we're online at though you'll generally find more chat over at Twitter using the hashtag #ConnectingHR.”

With a deep interest in internal communications and social media, and my beloved job at @simplycomm - where we specialise in these themes - it is easy to guess that I was very intrigued by what I read and decided that I had to be there!

As soon as I arrived at the venue in Holborn, I was welcomed by @RafaDavies the event organiser. He very kindly explained me the concept of #ConnectingHR. People in the room were Twitter friends who - during and thanks to Tweet-up events like that one - meet and gather together to share their interest and experience in the HR, workplace communications and social media topics.

On the wall there was a big screen with all the tweets that were being posted by participants on the #ConnectingHR twitter conversation.

The event was designed as an informal networking and sharing opportunity. From the very beginning I met great people and professionals and had wonderful conversations on those kind of topics that – as you may know - make my day (my evening in this case!).

Discussions ranged from employee engagement to internal social media, online community managers, change management initiatives, blogging, relationships at work, news, reciprocity styles...In a couple of hours I learnt and shared so many things by talking and discussing with these wonderful people. I love it when a broad range of views, expertise and stories come together...something incredible happens – at least this is something very fascinating for a curious mind like mine!

I found out that the majority of the participants were, like me, very passionate about writing and blogging on these topics. Therefore, now I have a new range of blogs (their) to happily visit and add to my daily reading!

Should you also be interested in reading some of their blogs, they always share their new posts on #ConnectingHR were all the discussions take place. Also, if you wished to get involved in the group and meet some of the people behind #ConnectingHR, they will run an Unconference on 21st June.

As I mentioned above, the event left me with lots of insight but also fascination. Fascination for the kind of unpredictable possibilities that existing social media, like Twitter, can give us to develop relationships united by passions, interests and professions.

Indeed, thank you very much to everyone who made that event so interesting. I already look forward to meeting you at the next Tweet-up event. Meanwhile, let's keep connected and informed via Twitter!